Emmerdale: Moira disappears at Isaac’s Christening

The on-edge mum buckles under the pressure

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The day of baby Isaac’s Christening brings new drama to Emmerdale next week when troubled mum Moira vanishes.


Moira has been visibly struggling ever since her son’s surprise birth and has already tried to abandon him at the local hospital.

Still feeling numb thanks to a mixture of conflicting emotions and sleepless nights, Moira will next be seen snapping at Isaac during the church service before disappearing without saying goodbye.

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Thankfully, Moira won’t be gone long – in fact, she returns during the same week. But her resurfacing mid-way through Adam and Victoria’s adoption meeting proves to be equally concerning.

A distraught Moira will be seen telling Adam and Victoria that they should be the ones to take care of Isaac.

Those in attendance are bewildered by Moira’s presence, while Adam frets that she’s ruined his and Victoria’s chance to start a family. And how will Cain feel when he hears about Moira’s actions?

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