Emmerdale: Adam is arrested for Emma’s murder – as Ross does a runner!

There are big developments in the whodunnit drama next week


Adam Barton will be arrested on suspicion of committing murder in next week’s Emmerdale after Emma Barton’s suicide note is found in his car.


After being released on bail, Adam and Victoria try to figure out who planted the letter – and pretty soon, the finger of suspicion is pointing in Ross’s direction.

With Adam believing that Ross is trying to frame him, he storms off to confront him. But Ross, for his part, looks shocked when he’s told that Emma was attacked before she fell from the viaduct.

Later on, Ross relays to Pete his earlier conversation with Adam to Pete. But soon fresh doubts are swirling about when exactly Ross found out about Emma’s murder.


Ross insists that he received the news at the same time as Pete. But, as we know, there is a question mark hanging over the Barton bad boy’s movements on the day of his mum’s demise.

And Ross certainly isn’t doing himself any favours when he suddenly decides to pack a bag and leave the village!

Still believing that Ross’s behaviour is suspicious, Adam decides to let the police know that he’s gone missing. So will investigating officers now try to locate Ross and bring him in?

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