Apprentice viewers thought the wrong team won after the boys served Wotsits as a luxury snack

"This is literally an hour of torture"


After three consecutive defeats by the girls, the boys finally won a task on The Apprentice on Wednesday night – but nobody thought they deserved it.


The candidates were sent to Wembley Stadium to complete a corporate hospitality task at the Women’s FA Cup final.

Using the shameless strategy of cost-cutting, Andrew Brady led Team Vitality to victory by putting on bowls of cheesy Wotsits in lieu of luxury canapés to clients.

Brady also served water in champagne flutes and undermined women’s football by saying: “Remember, it’s the FA Cup Final but it’s not the men’s FA Cup Final.”

Viewers were not impressed…

Still, it was the girls who lost the task, with Lord Sugar choosing to dismiss candidate Siobhan Smith.


“It was very hard when I got fired because I didn’t do anything wrong, and in real life I would’ve smashed it,” she told after being given her marching orders. Read the full interview here.