Viewers are labelling Amazon’s Alexa a “snitch” after she grassed out Jamie Laing on Celebrity Hunted

The AI system gave out the Made in Chelsea star's disconcerting search history


Tesla chief Elon Musk warned recently that Artificial Intelligence poses a threat to our very existence, greater than that of nuclear war. Who could have predicted that his fears would be (kind of) stoked on an episode of Celebrity Hunted?


The celebrity edition of the show – which sees ‘famous’ faces go on the run, pursued by expert hunters – exposed a flaw in Amazon Echo’s ‘intelligent personal assist’ Alexa after one of the experts hacked, rather easily, into the device and discovered Made in Chelsea star Jamie’s search history.

This included “what do you think of Made in Chelsea?”, “what do you think of Jamie?” and, rather surprisingly, “play Westlife”. While apparently harmless, this search data could have helped Jamie’s pursuers track him down.

Viewers took to Twitter to disparage Alexa for grassing the reality star without putting up much of a fight.

But others were genuinely freaked out at the realisation that every request they make is being recorded. Thank heavens Google, Twitter and Facebook aren’t doing that… WAIT A SECOND.

The hunters didn’t get much out of Alexa beyond Laing’s secret affinity for Irish boyband Westlife, and he remains on the run going into next week’s episode.


Celebrity Hunted airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 4.