Meet the cast of In the Dark

Everyone in the small town of Polesford seems like a suspect – but who exactly are the familiar faces stalking its streets?

Jessica Gunning as DCI Sophie Carson 


Who does she play? The officer on the field in the Polesford missing girls case. Whilst she gathers what seems to be damning evidence around Stephen Bates, she doesn’t appreciate Helen muscling in. Understandably, she feels like this outsider is infringing on her territory and trying to undermine her.

Where have I seen her before? Gunning had a small roles in Doctor Who and Law & Order UK, but is best known for her role in Golden Globe and Bafta nominated film Pride. She shone as Siân James, the fiery Welsh housewife who eventually became first female MP to represent Swansea East.

Ashley Walters as Tim Cornish 


Who does he play? An officer on the missing girls case, Cornish is confident, verging on cocky. An old friend of Paul, this doesn’t stop him turning on him and his wife in his bullish determination to convict Stephen Bates. Desperate to close the case and revel in his glory, Cornish is keen to add two and two and make five, wanting to propel his own career without necessarily paying attention to the facts.

Where have I seen him before? Back in the early ’00s, Walters went by the stage name Asher D in the So Solid Crew, a rap and hip-hop group that shot to fame with hit singles ‘Oh No (Sentimental Things)’ and ’21 Seconds’. He has also been acting since a young age, and is best known for playing drug dealer Dushane in hit Channel 4 drama Top Boy.

Matt King as Phil Hendricks


Who does he play? Another of Paul’s friends, Phil is a forensic scientist that may a helpful ally. With his dry sense of humour and matter-of-fact attitude to gruesome deaths, as well as valuable professional knowledge, he could be key player when it comes to uncovering the truth.


Where have I seen him before? King is best known for playing drug-addled musician Super Hans in Peep Show, but he has also appeared in SkinsDoctor Who and BBC1 drama Jekyll. He also co-wrote the sitcom Whites, starring Alan Davies, and worked as a standup comedian on the Australian comedy circuit for 15 years.