Who is the greatest Coronation Street villain of all time?

From serial killers to scammers and seriously slimy individuals, we want YOU to tell us who's the greatest wrong'un to ever grace the cobbles?

Pat Phelan Coronation Street

Pat Phelan’s reign of terror continues on Coronation Street this week but does his long-running campaign to kidnap and terrify Weatherfield’s unwitting residents make him the greatest villain ever to grace the Street?


We’ve seen plenty of wrongdoers woo Weatherfield’s finest into a false sense of security over the years, from Gail Platt’s husband, Richard Hillman – a man with a penchant for murder and driving cars into canals – to Jack and Vera Duckworth’s jailbird son Terry, who made a run for it on his wedding day and sold his own child for a few quid.

Then there’s Tracy Barlow, who’s spent most of her life listening to the devil on her shoulder and killed fellow villain Charlie Stubbs (we’ll forgive her for that one), Maya Sharma, who did her level best to make Dev and Sunita’s life a living hell, Karl Munro (who eventually killed Sunita in hospital many years later) and Kirsty Soames who left Tyrone Dobbs in pieces after a continuous campaign of domestic abuse.

More recently nefarious Nathan Curtis groomed Bethany Platt, Will Chatterton was revealed to be the person stalking his childhood sweetheart, Michelle, Clayton Hibbs stabbed Kylie Platt and drove David Platt to despair, and Kylie’s ex Callum Logan wreaked havoc on the whole Platt clan until Kyle did him in.

What about Alan Bradley, who tried on numerous occasions to kill his daughter Jenny’s foster mother Rita Fairclough? Student nurse Carmel Finnan who became OBSESSED with Martin Platt? Or Frank Foster, who sexually assaulted Carla Connor?

Carla’s found herself at the mercy of many Corrie villains, including Scottish businessman Tony Gordon, who murdered her ex-brother-in-law Liam and later tried to burn down the factory. And then there was her little brother, Rob Donovan, who killed Tina McIntyre.

From drug dealing gangster Jez Quigley to murderous American GI Joe Donelli, Deirdre’s duplicitous fiance Jon Lindsay to Fizz’s murderous husband John Stape and Caz Hammond, who tried to frame Maria for her own murder, the list of Corrie villains is endless. That’s why we’ve picked our favourites and want YOU to decide who is the best baddie of all time!


All you have to do is cast your vote below – and remember, you can only vote for one villain, so choose wisely!