No one can be trusted in the new trailer for Peaky Blinders

But there’s still no word on when exactly the drama will return

peaky blinders

The new Peaky Blinders teaser trailer casts doubt on which members of the Blinders world are working for and against the Birmingham gang.


Alfie Solomons’ fate is alluded to, and the titles ask whether key figures like Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby are friend or foe? Saviour or saboteur? Leader or traitor?

It’s been more than a year since Murphy graced our screens in Peaky Blinders – and the last we saw of him, he dropped the bombshell to his family that they were all about to be carted off to the nick in the shock series three finale.

Earlier this month, the BBC released the first series four trailer, giving us our first glimpse of newcomer Adrien Brody in early 20th-century Birmingham alongside Murphy and Tom Hardy .


Peaky Blinders series four will air on BBC2 later this autumn