Geoffrey Boycott sends Theresa May personalised tupperware after she accused him of stealing hers

Who knew a box of brownies could cause a national scandal?


Test Match Special’s Geoffrey Boycott found himself in a spot of hot water with Theresa May last month when she accused him of stealing her tupperware.


During a recent interview on the BBC 5Live show, May claimed she’d baked some brownies for Boycott who had presumably gone on to devour them, but he never returned the box she’d brought them in.

“I have made brownies for TMS before, once when Geoffrey Boycott was invited. I brought some brownies up. I handed them to Geoffrey but I don’t know whether they ever made it into the TMS box”, she said when she was a guest on the programme in early September.

“All I will say is that Geoffrey Boycott’s still got my Tupperware”, she added.

Imagine her surprise, then, when some personalised plastic presents arrived at 10 Downing Street.

May thanked the Test Match Special team for the delivery, presuming they’d been the ones to send on the gift after she’d aired her grievance on the programme. But it wasn’t long before Boycott popped up to correct her.


May told TMS that Boycott was her favourite cricketer because of his perseverance. “He stuck at it. He had a plan and he got on with it, and more often than not delivered”, she said.