Who was fired from The Apprentice?

A disastrous robotics task left one team lagging *way* behind with the profits, and spelled disaster for this candidate...

The Apprentice's Lord Sugar, Karren Brady and Claude Littner

Elliot Van Emden became the third candidate to be fired from The Apprentice after his team was thrashed in a landslide victory.


Team Vitalty – the boys being led by Michaela Wain – only managed to turn £5,785.60 profit in this robotics task, while they were trounced by Team Graphene who bafflingly managed to bring back a profit of £57,827.55 despite copious infighting and disastrous pitches. Yep, that’s a gaping chasm of £52k profit.

The Apprentice Elliot Van Emden

“This is a bloody shambles,” Lord Sugar sneered when the figures were revealed. “This is the third task, and the third task you’ve lost. I’m not impressed at all, with any of you.” Which is hardly surprising after all that Jeffrii and Siimon nonsense.

Project Manager Michaela chose to bring Elliot and Harrison Jones back into the boardroom with her, but it was David Cameron’s former intern who was eventually told he was fired.

The Apprentice Elliot Van Emden

“Elliot, you may be very articulate, you may be very skilled in being able to talk as a barrister, but I think sometimes people come into this process thinking that what they’ll do, is they’ll just sit back and let everybody else fall on their sword,” said Sugar. “I think that your demeanour, your manner is just not up my alley. You’re not cut out to be my business partner.”

This comes after the barrister said his “game plan to win is to assess the morons from the people that are actually successful, look at who is actually going to be in a position to win the process and then destroy them.”

That didn’t really work out too well in the end…


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