Star Trek just dropped the first F-bomb in the show’s history

Your move, Star Wars


They’ve battled the Borg, been killed by Klingons and beamed 70,000 light years across the universe in a second, yet the characters of Star Trek have rarely let out more than a “Dammit, Jim!”. Until now. The latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery moved beyond this frontier by dropping an F-bomb.


Don’t worry, it wasn’t a large one: as the crew made improvements to the mycelium network, Cadet Tilly (Mary Wiseman) exclaimed “You guys, this is so f***ing cool!” before apologising for her language. Science Officer Lieutenant Paul Stamets indicates there is no need to say sorry, replying “No Cadet, it is f***ing cool.” But however small the swearing, its blast range was huge: the f-word is now canonically Star Trek lingo.

***Warning: the f-word in its glorious entirety is below***

Interestingly, the S-bomb has already been dropped in the past by the franchise. During Star Trek: Generations, Data is fitted with an emotion chip, which permits him to let out a pretty speculator swear as the Enterprise plunges down to surface on Veridian III.

The most recent Star Trek: Discovery episode didn’t only give us a first in swearing, but in LGBT representation too. At the episode’s end, Stamets is revealed to be in a relationship with the ship’s male medical officer.

Although same-sex relationships have been seen before in Star Trek Beyond when Sulu was said to be married to a man, his husband is only a minor character. Discovery will give us a closer look a gay relationship.

If that’s not f***ing excellent then we don’t know what is.


Star Trek: Discovery continues next Monday on Netflix