Emmerdale return: Lucy Pargeter on Chas’s secret man in Ireland – and passion with Paddy!

"She's had time to get over Paddy by getting under another man," says the Emmerdale actress


Chas Dingle will make a surprise return to Emmerdale next week and looks set to rekindle her romance with Paddy Kirk. But she’s also bringing with her a secret from Ireland that could scupper her relationship.


“Paddy and Chas had decided to call it quits before she went away. And she’s had time to get over him by getting under another man – but it didn’t work,” says Lucy Pargeter. “All it did is confirm her feelings for Paddy. So once she gets back to the village, she jumps on him with great vigour and he responds!”

The trouble is that Chas doesn’t disclose to Paddy that she had another lover while she was away. And, as we know, these things can only be covered up for so long in soapland. “There’s no reason why she would have told him. And she certainly hasn’t done it out of malice,” argues Pargeter. “But he might be put out if he hears about it from another source.”

The actress has high hopes, though, that any romantic obstacles can be overcome: “Paddy brings out the comedic side in Chas’s character, which I’m enjoying playing. It makes a change from the doom and gloom.

“It’s a great dynamic and he’s also a substitute dad for Aaron, so that family unit is stronger when they’re together too.”


Pargeter’s return to Emmerdale also marks the end of her maternity leave following the birth of twin daughters Missy and Betsy back in April. “I’d have loved to take a bit longer as I was enjoying the challenge of having the two of them. But needs must and I had to come back.

“I don’t think anyone should be off screen for too long because you never know who’s going to take you place.”

But was she trepidatious about making a comeback after switching her focus for the last six months? “It’s going fine. But it was a bit of a struggle to begin with having to learn lines and fit  everything in.

“But I hate to say it, it is a little bit of an escape from the madness at time!”

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