EastEnders: Luke rekindles romance with Ben – but does he have an evil plan?

Is Luke carrying out the orders of dad James Willmott-Brown?

Week 42 - Luke and Ben

Ben Mitchell will get a surprise on Tuesday’s EastEnders when Luke Browning resurfaces and asks if they can make another go of things – but does the smooth-talking businessman have deception on his mind?


Ben’s fledgling relationship crashed and burned recently after Luke discovered that he was the son of Kathy Beale – the very woman who his father James Willmott-Brown was sent to prison for raping.

The miffed Mr Mitchell couldn’t understand why Luke was calling things off and assumed that the break-up was down to him not being in the same social class as his partner.

Week 42 - Luke and Ben2

So what will Ben say when Luke claims he wants to rekindle the romance? And if Luke being genuine? Or is he out to get closer to Kathy in order to do his evil dad’s bidding? (We think the latter…)

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