Hollyoaks: Lily’s self-harm story is subject of a new support video

The emotional clip is released ahead of next week's special episode focusing on the issue


Hollyoaks have released a new video focusing on Lily Drinkwell’s emotional self-harming storyline.


The clip was created in conjunction with the research the show has done with the Samaritans, MIND and the NSPCC on the subject, which is part of Hollyoaks’ long-term campaign to raise awareness on mental health entitled #DontFilterFeelings.

Teenager Lily Drinkwell has been self-harming since July but next week classmates Peri Lomax and Yasmine Maalik discover her secret and threaten to expose her. Hollyoaks High headteacher Sally St Claire is immediately concerned one of her pupils is self-harming and summons the girls’ mothers to her office.

When terrified Lily opens up about why she cuts herself, Yas and Peri decide to cover for her to Mrs St Claire. As they decide to keep the self-harm secret between them, it draws the three girls closer together in a worrying pact…

Tuesday’s E4 episode focuses entirely on the plot, telling the story from the different points of view of the three girls and their three mothers – Misbah Maalik, Leela Lomax and Diane Hutchinson (Lily’s aunt).


Speaking of their involvement with the storyline, Lorna Fraser, media adviser for Samaritans, said: “Carefully developed storylines like Lily’s can be very powerful in engaging viewers, who may be suffering in silence, encouraging them to speak out and seek help. It’s important expert guidance is sought in covering self-harm in drama, and Samaritans has been working in this field for over two decades to encourage programmes to tackle these issues responsibly.

“Hollyoaks has worked extremely hard with us over the past year to make these episodes realistic and engaging. Lily’s story highlights the potential dangers of not dealing with difficult feelings and the importance of reaching out for help when we’re struggling to cope. Viewers have seen this escalate for Lily as they’ve seen her struggle with bereavement, academic pressure, bullying, relationship issues and significant scarring following a traumatic car accident.”

For more information and support visit www.samaritans.org or call the helpline free on 0116 123.

Hollyoaks broadcast the special Lily episode on Tuesday 17 October on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 on Wednesday 18 October at 6.30pm.


Watch the support video below: