EastEnders: Lily admits she hurt Arthur – plus Stacey collapses! Here’s what happens next

Find out Stacey's fate following her seizure

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Stacey Fowler’s life has been left on the line in tonight’s EastEnders after she was seen suffering a shock seizure.


Friday’s episode climaxed with Stacey collapsing following a fraught half hour that saw several revelations take her to breaking point.

Prior to social services making their scheduled visit, young Lily admitted a worrying truth – that she was the one who gave Arthur his bruises.

Then came the appointment itself, which proved to be a tense affair after Kush blurted out that it was Carmel who had initially contacted the authorities.

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After the social worker departed, a raging Stacey vented her anger at Carmel and Kush before dropping to the floor, where she was last seen shaking uncontrollably.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will feature pregnant Stacey being rushed to hospital for an emergency C-section.

Husband Martin will later be overwhelmed to learn that he has a daughter, but that Stacey is in a critical condition. Then comes word that there are complications with the baby…

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Speaking about Stacey’s current plight, actress Lacey Turner said recently:“It’s a combination of things that have contributed to what happens.  She’s definitely been doing too much and she’s been under so much pressure.

“She’s got two little kids, she’s heavily pregnant, Martin’s been in prison and now all of this with Carmel has sent her blood pressure sky high.

“This is what’s caused the pre-eclampsia and brought on a seizure.  It was a big shock as there was no warning, so it came out of nowhere and was frightening for everyone.”

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