People can’t get over Jeff’s break-dancing on The Apprentice

"How many bankers do you know who can breakdance?"


You like The Apprentice. Absolutely adore it. And breakdancing. Obviously can’t get enough of that too. But what would happen if you joined the two together? What would happen if, say, one of the candidates pulled out some shapes during last night’s hotel renovation task?


Would it be any good? Your answer, courtesy of contestant Jeff Wan…

So, what’s the verdict from Twitter? It’s not good Jeff. Not good at all.

But for some, this moment was unforgettable in a good way…

And extremely relatable…

But still, what damage could his dancing possible do? Surely Lord Sugar would see, as Jeff argued in the boardroom, that it’s a sign of his flourishing creativity? That would overshadow his lack of financial planning in the task, right?

You’re gone but not forgotten, Jeff.


The Apprentice continues (sadly without Jeff) 9pm next Wednesday, BBC1