Fired Apprentice candidate Jeff Wan resigned to take part in the show – now he’s looking for work

The breakdancing businessman says he's for hire after leaving his job to participate in Lord Sugar's business contest

Jeff Wan on The Apprentice Week 2

The Apprentice fired candidate Jeff Wan has revealed that he’s “open for opportunities” after quitting his job to take part in the show.


Asked what his plans were now that he’s been ejected from the boardroom by Lord Sugar, the semi-pro breakdancer told “Nothing much! I actually left a career in finance to join the show so I gave in my resignation a week before I came into the house. So right now, I’m just looking for opportunities!”

When we suggest that one such opportunity could be starting a business teaching breakdancing, it gives Jeff an idea…

Jeff Wan on The Apprentice Week 2

“I wouldn’t mind doing that!” he exclaims. “We can propose that to Lord Sugar and see if he’s willing to invest? Maybe not the £250k, but maybe £100k!”

Before being fired, Jeff said that he wanted to get Lord Sugar breakdancing on the show. Sadly, that didn’t come to fruition…

“I think that crept into Lord Sugar’s mind,” says Jeff, explaining the real reason why he might have been fired. “He was like ‘Oh my God – if Jeff makes it… He’s a pretty strong guy. If he makes it to the final two on the show I’ll have to breakdance with Jeff, so why don’t we just fire him now?’” Um, yeah…

Sadly as he’s “not a young man anymore”, Jeff doesn’t think that a dancing career is for him anymore. Even though just four or five years ago, he tells us he performed with Tinie Tempah at the O2 – an experience he describes as “unbelievable”.

“I think I’ll be remembered as the breakdancing guy from this series – and I don’t mind that.”

Alongside James White, Jeff was brought back into the boardroom by Project Manager Ross Fretten when the boys’ team failed to impress. They spent too much money and didn’t make enough profit with their luxury hotel room design… a room that Jeff describes as looking “pretty poor”.

He sums up having to leave in week two as “heartbreaking”, laments the fact that he didn’t get the chance to show more of his abilities and says he was a “scape goat” after the failure of the task.

“I wasn’t able to showcase all my skills and I’m just feeling really gutted right now,” he said. “I was never PM, I wasn’t even sub team leader. I wasn’t able to showcase my leadership capabilities. I never had an opportunity with negotiating either.

“I’m very adamant about this – I don’t think it should’ve been me,” he says, although quickly adds: “I don’t want to be a sore loser!”


The Apprentice continues next Wednesday 18th October at 9pm on BBC1.