EastEnders: Jane Beale to leave Walford?

Ian reels after Jane tells him she's off


EastEnders’s Jane Beale looks set to be hounded out of Walford thanks to the machinations of malevolent Max Branning.


Upcoming episodes of the BBC1 soap will see Jane wake up in hospital after weeks on the critical list, only to find Max making fresh threats.

With the police wanting to know who started the fire at Beales’ restaurant, a fearful Jane tells them about Steven’s actions – but keeps quiet about Max’s involvement.

Later on, Jane will be seen pleading with Ian to never make her return to the Square. But will the Beales really be making a fresh start together?


For a while, it looks as though this will be the case, with Ian breaking the news to Kathy of his plan to quit Albert Square to be nearer to Bobby and to sell the cafe to Weyland and Co.

But it seems that Max has his reasons for wanting Jane to go and Ian to stay. After the vengeance-fuelled Mr Branning piles on the pressure, Jane ends up stunning Ian by telling Ian that it’s over between them – and that she’s exiting on her own!

As Ian struggles to come to terms with his wife’s shocking bombshell, will he really respect Jane’s wishes and let her flee without him?

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