EastEnders: Carmel reveals that Kush was abused as a child

A troubling part of the Kazemis' family history came to light tonight


Emotional scenes just broadcast on this evening’s EastEnders have revealed that Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) was abused as a child by his father Umar.


Kush’s mum Carmel (Bonnie Langford) was seen recollecting that a six-year-old Kush was left with bruises on his thighs after being thumped by his dad.

Carmel then admitted that she’d covered up the abuse by making Kush wear long trousers to school the following day.


The heart to heart came in the wake of Carmel having reported Stacey to social services after suspecting that she was abusing her young son Arthur.

With Stacey having tonight been told by doctors that they were not alarmed, Carmel was left explaining to Kush why she’d acted in the way she had.

Carmel then recalled that – back in 1991 – Umar had taken his anger out on Kush after she’d found a condom in his jacket pocket.

The discovery had confirmed Carmel’s suspicions that her husband had been cheating.

But she later regretted not speaking out when Umar had lashed out at Kush, admitting that when she’d made the report about Arthur, she was also trying to make up for not having protected her son.

Despite Kush giving his mum a conciliatory hug, upcoming episodes of EastEnders will see him give Carmel an ultimatum: either she tells Stacey she was responsible for calling social services or he will. But what will Carmel decide to do?

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