Is Love Island star Chris Hughes really launching his own bottled water “infused with a tear”?

The limited edition bottled water will be salty, but not in the Love Island sense of the word

Chris Hughes love island

We’ve checked the date and it’s not April Fools’ Day, which means Love Island’s Chris Hughes really is launching a premium bottled mineral water infused with traces of his own tears.


Yes, that’s right. L’eau de Chris will be “salty” in the literal sense of the word.

“It’s no secret that I shed a few tears on Love Island,” Hughes comments. “Since leaving the show, I have been overwhelmed with the incredible love shown by fans of the show.

“Launching my own mineral water, infused with my own tears, is a chance for me to give something special back to those who have supported me since returning from the island.”

L’eau de Chris, which will launch on tomorrow (10th October), is “limited edition” – presumably because there are only so many tears Chris can squeeze out before becoming completely dehydrated.


A promotional video shows Chris holding a bottle of his product as a single tear rolls down into his face and into the water.