Hollyoaks: school explosion horror announced – who will survive?

This year's stunt is set to be a raging fire at Hollyoaks High. And it's all Mac's fault…


Hollyoaks have announced this year’s annual autumn stunt will be a huge gas explosion at the school, putting the lives of several characters in danger.


The incident is caused by jealous Mac Nightingale, who rows with girlfriend Neeta Kaur over her illicit relationship with pupil Hunter McQueen. After damaging the school gas boiler in a violent rage, Mac confronts Neeta with a sketch lovelorn Hunter has drawn of her and sets fire to it. Throwing the burning sheet of paper down as a gas leak spreads – caused by the damaged boiler – a fireball engulfs the school while a prize-giving ceremony is taking place.

Student Alfie Nightingale, Tom Cunningham, Peri Lomax, Yasmine Maalik and Lily Drinkwell as well as members of the Osborne family, are attending the ceremony in memory of Jade Albright on the anniversary of her death from cancer.


Also caught up in the confusion and carnage will be Sally St Claire, Louis Loveday and Luke Morgan. All the characters will find themselves trapped in the burning building…

Traditionally, Hollyoaks uses the yearly stunt as an opportunity to have a cast clear-out (2016’s Halloween ‘spooktacular’ saw Joe Roscoe and Nico Blake killed off) , so speculation will now be rife as to who might not survive the school explosion.

The stunt episodes will air later this autumn.


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.