Neighbours: Sheree Murphy returns in top-secret London scenes

The ex-Emmerdale star reprises the role of Dakota Davies, but what's she doing with Leo Tanaka?


Sheree Murphy is returning to Neighbours as the mischievous Dakota Davies, and is already filming her comeback scenes on location in London.


The ex-Emmerdale actress played the guest role of devious Dakota back in 2014, when she locked horns with Paul Robinson and Mark Brennan, and bosses have announced she will be causing chaos for another Ramsay Street regular in the shape of Leo Tanaka.


Spotted shooting scenes in London this week, Murphy and Tim Kano, aka Leo, are said to be filming a top-secret storyline to be aired early in 2018 that sees Dakota make a surprise return to our screens – but how is Leo involved, seeing as he wasn’t around in Erinsborough when we first met Ms Davies? Could his dad Paul Robinson somehow provide the link?


Speaking of her return, a delighted Murphy said today: “I am so excited to be joining the cast of Neighbours once again! It’s even more special that it’s on British soil. Dakota is such a fun, sassy character to play and I am interested to see what she is up to three years on.”

Murphy’s most famous role was as ill-fated Tricia Dingle in Emmerdale, who she played from 1998 until the character was spectacularly killed off in a village hurricane in 2004.

The actress originally came into Neighbours’ orbit when her Australian professional footballer husband Harry Kewell signed with Melbourne Victory which saw her and her family relocate down under for a while.

The last time Neighbours came to film in the UK was in January for Toadie Rebecchi’s pursuit of Andrea Somers, the fraudster posing as his dead wife Dee. Neighbours has already teased further twists in that blockbuster storyline for later this year – could Leo and Dakota’s plot be connected to Dee/Andrea’s return?


Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.