Neighbours: big drama ahead for Paige and Piper, reveal Olympia Valance and Mavournee Hazel

The Ramsay Street sisters tease what's in store, and discuss their off-screen friendship


Next week’s wedding between Neighbours’ Terese Willis and Gary Canning descends into chaos when the bride confesses to cheating with her ex at the altar, and bridesmaids Paige Smith and Piper Willis have to pick up the pieces when the ceremony explodes into a full-on fight between the families.


But that’s not the only drama ahead for the Erinsborough half-sisters. Away from Terese’s complicated love life, Paige and Piper have got their own storylines sizzling away – during a recent visit to London, we caught up with Ramsay Street favourites Olympia Valance (Paige) and Mavournee Hazel (Piper) who gave us some sneaky teases about what’s in store for their characters for the remainder of the year – and beyond…


So the wedding ends badly for Piper’s mum, but doesn’t it also cause problems for her romance with Tyler Brennan?

Mavournee: There’s a moment where they discuss marriage and it turns out they have differing views – he like the idea of it down the line but she doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean she’s not in love with him or anything, and I don’t think it’s a threat to their future. I mean she’s only 17… I love ‘Typer’ together but I would mourn for her if she got married now because the character has so much potential outside of a romantic relationship storyline. I know the fans would love it, and I love them being a couple, but personally I think she’s too young to get hitched.

Piper Willis Mavournee Hazel and Tyler Brennan Travis Burns 1

What other obstacles will Piper and Tyler face in the coming weeks?

M: Tyler’s long-lost dad Hamish is still around, and his goal is to interfere in Tyler’s life and drive a wedge between him and the people he’s closest to. Will he succeed in doing that with Tyler and Piper? You’ll have to wait and see. What I will say is the consequences of Hamish’s presence on Ramsay Street are going to be big for Piper.

As for Paige, who do you think she should be with – Mark Brennan or Jack Callahan?

Olympia: It’s a tough one. I feel like Mark and Paige have such incredible history and I’m a huge fan of them together. In a way she’s been broken by both men, as the sheer amount of rejection she’s received from both is quite huge. She’s lost a bit of trust, even though they’ve both said they want to try again with Paige. Her relationship with Mark does come back into focus in the next few weeks – I am hoping they get back together…


We hear you’ve been filming some very big stuff for later this year…

O: Yes, for the Christmas cliffhanger, and I can honestly say it’s been some of my favourite scenes I’ve ever done. It’s incredibly action-packed, traumatic and tragic. I’m excited for the audience to see it, I think they’re going to love what we’ve done. It’s great doing big stuff like that – it’s what you do the job for, not the scenes where you’re just in Harold’s coffee shop!

You’re good friends in real life, how does your relationship differ from your characters’?

M: Thankfully we have more dramas on screen than we do off screen! But we are like sisters in real life, honestly.

O: You end up getting close to the people you work with the most, and over the last year or so Maz and I have had so much fun together. We’ve established the most beautiful friendship off screen and it’s made our on screen rapport as sisters even better because we really bound off each other.

What reaction have you had from the UK fans since you’ve been in London?

O: They love us! It’s nice to know people appreciate what we do, it makes us want to work harder. In Australia the fan base is nothing like it is here. It feels like we make the show for the UK in some ways. So big thanks to you guys!


Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.