Love Island’s Chris and Kem soar to the top of iTunes as single reaches number 1

We bet Stormzy's gutted that he missed out on a collab now

Love Island's Chris and Kem

No, we can’t believe this has happened either.


But in arguably one of the weirdest bits of news from 2017, we can confirm that Love Island’s Chris Hughes and winner Kem Cetinay’s new single is currently at Number 1 in the iTunes chart.

Called Little Bit Leave It (what else?) the boys’ debut track has gone down a riot with fans who have left loads of 5 star reviews for the single on iTunes. One even said “this is the best track of 2017”, while another’s review simply read: “Quality”.

Then again, another said “Could it be the worst song ever made?” – although perhaps that review was written by Muggy Mike?

You can be the judge of that yourself and listen to the single below – it’s basically a souped up version of the rap they performed in the villa as Run KMC:

Choice lyrics include “Kem – I said I’m five foot ten” and “who the f**k is Theo?

The pair recently told that their collaboration with Stormzy wasn’t happening, but it seems like they’re doing pretty well without him!

Both boys have been tweeting and Instagramming with the hashtag #ChrisAndKemTo1, and so far it seems to be working!


Maybe – just maybe – the boys’ grafting will pay off and they can and will become huge rap stars after all?