Emmerdale: Natalie J Robb on Moira’s baby shock – but is the daddy Pete or Cain?

The actress reveals all about Moira's surprise new arrival


One of Emmerdale’s big autumn secrets has been revealed, with Moira having just given birth – despite neither she nor us having known that she was pregnant. Question marks currently hang over the future of both Moira and her baby son, with the pair having just been rushed to hospital. Then there’s the question of who the father will turn out to be: with Moira having slept with both Pete and Cain in the same week, will there now be a ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ drama? We caught up with actress Natalie J Robb to get her take on this week’s action-packed episodes:


So, Moira had been pregnant all this time – you kept that quiet. Did she realise at all?
No. Moira had no idea she was pregnant. So when she went into labour in the barn it was the first hint. On reflection, she has recently felt tired but that was her only true symptom.

I expect that people probably won’t believe that she had no symptoms, but when I was doing research I was in contact with a really lovely lady called Caroline, who went into a surprise labour much like Moira. It wasn’t her first child either, so she had been pregnant a few times before. But, despite this, Caroline also didn’t know she was pregnant until she went into labour. She’d also just felt a bit tired much like Moira and she explained that her figure didn’t really change, so her bump wasn’t visible. So she had no awareness until she went into labour.

It was fascinating for me to talk to her as she really helped me understand how Moira will potentially feel after this shock birth.


When did you find out she would be pregnant? Did you know from last Christmas when she slept with both Pete and Cain in the same week?
I knew for definite around four months ago. However, the story team had cooked it up last year but it was set into proper script form later. It was always the plan.

Does Moira believe that Pete’s the daddy?
I think she just said that to get Emma to rescue her. It was the only way to stop her shutting her in the barn to die. I think Moira is unsure whose it is – Cain’s or Pete’s.


Tell us about the process of acting giving birth – how did you prepare to act that scene?
We had a midwife and nurse on set to help. Because Moira was asphyxiated from all the smoke, she couldn’t scream or cry with the pain. It was good to have someone on hand to give guidance. But it was not your typical birth – a wall of fire and flames and choking from smoke inhalation!

Do you think Moira is going to make it through or is she going to die from giving birth?
You’ll have to wait and see but she’s pretty poorly and has lost a lot of blood there are a lot of complications.

How do you think having a baby is going to affect what is to come for Moira
It is absolutely life changing.

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