Emmerdale: Moira and Emma make dramatic escape from exploding barn – see the new pics

Get set for some explosive action in tonight's episode of the ITV soap


Emmerdale has released brand-new pictures showing the dramatic moment that Emma and Moira manage to escape a burning barn before it explodes.


Last night’s episode saw the pair get into a fight as the flames took hold, only for Moira to suddenly go into labour.

Seeing as neither she nor the viewers knew that she was pregnant, this came as something of a surprise. But will Emma now rescue Moira? Or leave her to escape by her own means?


“My feeling is that Emma didn’t go there to cause Moira physical harm,” says actress Gillian Kearney. “Even Emma wouldn’t want to see Moira burn to death. She doesn’t want to see her come to harm. Hopefully she’ll intervene and help.”


Viewers need only wait until 7.00pm to find out what happens, although with death visiting the Dales this week, might the escape attempt be just the start of the story?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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