Emmerdale: Finn Barton is shot by mum Emma – what happens next?

Scenes just broadcast saw Finn take a bullet

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Finn Barton’s life has been left hanging in the balance on tonight’s Emmerdale after he took a gunshot blast to the abdomen.


With the ITV soap having told fans that death will be visiting the Dales, there will now be obvious concern that Finn (Joe Gill) is set to be the week’s big casualty.

The character wielding the firearm was, of course, an increasingly deranged Emma (Gillian Kearney), though she currently remains unaware that she’s shot her own son.

Tuesday’s tense episode saw Emma flee into woodland after being found by Adam at the site of a burning barn where Moira had just unexpectedly given birth to a baby son.

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During a tussle over the shotgun, Adam was thrown to the ground, while Emma hared off on her own, only to fire a shot after being spooked by a nearby noise.

Back at the scene of the fire, Moira and her baby were loaded into an ambulance with Adam accompanying them en route to the hospital.

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But nobody yet knows that Finn is also in grave danger thanks to the wound in his stomach.

Viewers know that Finn is the one member of the Barton clan who knows the truth about Emma having killed James last October.

But will he be able to reveal his new-found knowledge? Or is he destined to take his mum’s secrets to the grave?

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