EastEnders: Carmel finds bruises on Arthur’s arms – here’s what happens next

Social services soon get involved when Carmel voices her concerns

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Carmel Kazemi has been left in a state of concern on tonight’s EastEnders after finding bruises on grandson Arthur’s arms.


The discovery came in the closing seconds of this evening’s episode, with fans now left to wonder who in the Fowler house could be responsible for inflicting the injuries.

Carmel is already worried about Stacey’s capabilities as a mother in the light of Arthur being admitted to hospital after overdosing on his mum’s bi-polar medication. Stacey has also been witnessed by Carmel shouting at daughter Lily during a fraught dinnertime meal.

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Now, actress Bonnie Langford has revealed that Carmel is to call social services in an upcoming episode, a move that prompts the removal of Lily and Arthur from Stacey’s care.

Speaking about Carmel’s decision, Langford said: “She knows that it’s not normal bruising and she’s very worried.  Carmel’s trying to help and she thinks that she’s being useful, but she should have checked her facts more.

“Although, you can’t totally blame her – what if she was right?  To Carmel, each time she’s seen Stacey recently all the signs to her are that Stacey is not coping – Martin hasn’t been around and she’s without a support network and she saw Stacey lose her temper.

“So it looks to Carmel like she’s really struggling.  Something could be happening behind closed doors, so Carmel could be forgiven for her actions.”


But as fresh facts come to light, Carmel is left regretting her actions and ends up taking Lily and Arthur to her home to look after them.

Adds Langford: “When social services are looking for family to have Lily and Arthur, she offers to take them as she feels it’s her way of helping to put things right.

“She hopes that once it’s clear that everybody’s fine and it is all a big misunderstanding, that will be the end of it but of course it’s not.  She wishes she could turn back time.”

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