Emmerdale: is Moira pregnant? And has she just gone into labour?

Events took an unexpected turn in Monday's episode of the ITV soap


Emmerdale fans have been left on tenterhooks tonight thanks to Moira Barton revealing that she thinks she’s having a baby.


Viewers saw Moira appear to go into labour mid-way through an epic battle with a vengeful Emma in a burning barn.

Up to this point, neither Moria nor the audience at large had realised that she might be expecting a baby, although some soap devotees had spotted certain clues in prior episodes that this may have been the case.


A recent storyline saw devious Robert Sugden switch some blood tests at the local surgery, a move that resulted in Lawrence White being told that he was pregnant.

Eagle-eyed fans clocked that Moira was on the scene at the time of Robert’s medical mix-up and began to wonder whether she might be the one who should have been on the receiving end of the news.

Emmerdale will no doubt reveal the truth in Tuesday’s episode as its high-profile week of episodes continues.

But fresh questions have, of course, now been thrown up as a result of Moira’s outburst: if she is pregnant, then who will the father turn out to be?

With both Cain and Pete having found themselves in Moira’s arms in recent months, will we now get a Who’s the Daddy plotline?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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