Emmerdale: will Emma leave Moira to die? Brand new pics tease explosive week

When a fire breaks out in the barn, will Emma claim a new victim?


Emmerdale have released brand new images fuelling the excitement around the barn fire in tomorrow’s episode that kicks off a week of explosive action.


Last week evil Emma Barton confessed to killing husband James 12 months ago to her horrified son Finn, who has threatened his mother if she doesn’t reveal all to her sons then he will.

Urging him to keep quiet until she deals with some unfinished business, Emma heads off to the barn at Butler’s Farm in Monday’s instalment to confront love rival Moira, who she blames for splitting up the family after her affair with James.

In a frenzied showdown, Emma admits the murder to a stunned Moira, and tells Mrs Dingle she drove her to it as the nutty nurse was so consumed by jealousy.


Scared of what unstable Emma will do next, the women fight with a pitchfork and knock out a light in the barn – sparking a blaze which soon turns the structure into a raging inferno.

When Moira collapses in pain and is trapped under a pile of crates, Emma watches as her nemesis cries for help. Will she leave Moira to burn?

The week of special episodes begins Monday 2 October, and the show has confirmed there will be at least one death… Could it be Moira?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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