Who is Kem Cetinay? Everything you need to know about the former Love Island contestant and rapper

His romance with Amber (and Chris!) were some of the main talking points in the villa this year


Kem Cetinay was once most famous for cutting TOWIE stars’ hair, but look at him now!


Not only did Kem end up winning the biggest TV show of the summer when he was voted victor of the Love Island villa alongside girlfriend Amber Davies, but since then he’s been busy meeting Stormzy or racking up 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Ahead of ITV2 airing Chris & Kem: Straight Outta Love Island, here’s a recap of everything you need to know about Kem and his Love Island journey:

Love Island 2017 contestants: Kem Cetinay

Age: 21

Instagram: @KemCetinay

Occupation: Hairdresser to the stars… Kind of. Kem has quite literally had a brush with reality TV in the past, dressing the hair of TOWIE’s James Argent and Pete Wicks, and Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews.

From: Essex

What was his Love Island journey like? Kem’s coupling up with Amber has been one of the best and also the worst things to happen in the Love Island villa so far this year.

Things got off to a rocky start when Kem was adamant he’d be “putting it on” Amber in week one – only for her to knock him back quicker than a round of Sambucas in Magaluf!

Shortly afterwards the pair did couple up, and soon became very close with Kem telling Amber she was the “girl of his dreams” (despite him then not actually being able to tell Amber what her surname was).


But after only three weeks together, Kem confided in Dom that the fun had gone from his relationship with Amber: “Mate all she does is put me down, I feel like I’m treading on eggshells,” he said. “When I first met Amber we were all giggly and funny. I feel like everything I do now I can’t be myself. I constantly can’t be myself. I feel like the real Kem isn’t here anymore.”

So deep. Anyway, he soon got over that. A stint apart when the villas were divided and the boys were sent to live in Casa Amor had Kem kissing Chyna, which almost tipped Amber over the edge when the photo was delivered on a postcard for all to see. But when he arrived back to see her, the pair agreed to give things another proper go of it together, despite him being coupled with Chyna and her being coupled with Nathan…

Is he in touch with his feminine side? You betcha. “I don’t mind sitting with a girl doing a facemask and having a gossip,” he says. “I’m confident enough in myself to do that, even if she’s my girlfriend.”

What is his achilles heel: “I fall for girls very easily. It’s been my downfall because I make it so obvious when I like a girl. I might get a bit clingy.” Just ask Amber for confirmation of this…

His biggest fear about being on Love Island was: “Really liking a girl who goes off with someone else. It’s not a nice feeling anyway, especially with everyone watching. I’d just start crying and going emotional.”

What he’s looking for: “I want a girl version of me!” he says. “Someone as mad and crazy as me. I’m not normal and I think the people who make Love Island know that, so I’m hoping they’ll have found a girl who’s not normal, who’ll be a good match for me.”


Chris & Kem: Straight Outta Love Island airs Sunday October 1 at 9pm and Monday October 2 at 9pm on ITV2.