Hollyoaks: Milo’s mysterious past teased – Nathan Morris on his character’s dark secret

Why is the Cunninghams' lodger so obsessed with the clan?


Mysterious Milo Entwistle made a big impact when he crashed into Hollyoaks on a hoverboard in the summer and became the Cunninghams’ new lodger. However, there’s clearly more to the quirky computer nerd than meets the eye, and it’s no coincidence that he ended up living in the Cunningham house.


Early on, Milo was revealed to have a secret tattoo on his back with the ominous Latin inscription ‘Numquam Obliviscar’ which means ‘I shall never forget’. More recently, he was seen with a hidden stash of old newspaper cuttings about the family, fuelling speculation he is obsessed with the clan.

Having used underhand tactics to drive Tom out of the Osbornes and back into the Cunningham fold with sisters Cindy and Mandy Richardson, Milo is busted and is forced to explain himself to the family.

Over the next week, more is uncovered about Milo’s shady past – will we finally get answers as to why he seems so determined to insinuate himself among one of Hollyoaks’ most established dynasties? Does he want to protect them or are they in danger from this hard-to-read geek? We caught up with actor Nathan Morris to try and get to the bottom of Milo’s motivation…


Why does Milo think Tom should stay with the Cunninghams?

When Milo finds out Darren is involved in drugs, and then overhears Nancy telling Tom off a little too harshly, he decides the Osbornes’ house is not a good or safe environment for Tom to live in. At first, Milo tries to help the Cunninghams see how happy they are when they’re all together, and encourages Tom to live with his ‘real’ family. But when that isn’t enough, he causes a little mischief!

How far does he take things?

He stirs it between Nancy and Cindy when they argue over who knows what’s best for Tom, and then Milo spray paints ‘GRASS’ on Darren’s car. When everyone thinks drug dealers are after Darren, they all agree it wouldn’t be safe for Tom to move back in with the Osbornes. Of course, Milo is hardly a master criminal and gets caught red-handed with the spray paint!


Milo reveals he was in a young offenders’ institute, which surprises Cindy. But how much does he want to keep his past hidden?

That depends on the writers! He gets blackmailed into doing things he would never do, such as illegally hacking government websites. I think he’d do almost anything to stay part of the Cunningham family. But he’s not a violent person, and he’d never deliberately hurt anyone. It’s not in his nature.

How would you see Milo as a character?

He’s a bit misunderstood. Because he obviously has a dark past, people instantly assume he’s a psychopath. But actually he’s a sweet guy who loves nothing more than fixing things, helping others and making people smile. Milo is a good person. His intentions are always honourable, but unfortunately, he doesn’t always make the best decisions. When things go too far and someone gets upset he feels terrible, and usually tries his best to fix it. He has also been bullied all his life for being different and has never felt loved or accepted. He’s never even had a girlfriend! Milo just wants to belong somewhere, bless him, and be part of a loving family, like we all do!


Whats it been like playing him?

A dream come true. The writers have done a great job of keeping him fun and entertaining, but also giving him an air of mystery. It was a bit scary at first because – just like Milo – I moved into somebody’s family. David Kennedy (Dirk), Steph Waring (Cindy), Amanda Clapham (Holly) and Ellis Hollins (Tom) have been an on-screen family for years. They know each other really well and are very close. I felt like a stranger coming into the group, luckily the gang have been incredibly supportive and we have so much fun together. Most days we laugh until it hurts. The fans have also been unbelievably supportive, I’m so grateful for how they have accepted and warmed to Milo.

Have you any funny stories or gossip you can tell about your time at Hollyoaks so far?

It was my first serious scene with David Kennedy, where Milo and Dirk were having a really touching heart-to-heart. During my close up – I suddenly farted! Being the professionals we are, we carried on the scene and that is the take they showed on screen…


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