Chris and Liv are on the verge of a vintage fight in preview clip for Straight Outta Love Island

The two-part ITV2 show follows the wannabe rappers as they embark on life outside the villa

Chris Hughes in Straight Outta Love Island

If you thought that Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood‘s relationship had mellowed since leaving the Love Island villa, think again.


The pair were more off and on than a light switch during their time on the show this summer, and now a new clip from Chris and Kem Cetinay‘s spin-off show Straight Outta Love Island shows the couple are as argumentative as ever.

When it’s revealed that Liv wasn’t aware of the boys’ meeting at a record label, but that Kem’s girlfriend Amber Davies was already in the know, Liv snapped at Chris “we’re not as close, obviously” before raising her voice and getting argumentative – and forcing him to apologise to her for not letting her know.

“I have stuck him in it a little bit,” says Kem, as Chris then forces his friend to apologise to him.

Phew. It’s as if we’re back on those sun loungers and around the fire pit.

Straight Outta Love Island is a two-part spin-off special that airs on Sunday 1 and Monday 2 October at 9pm, and follows the boys on ‘the outside’ as they try to make it as rappers. Yes, really.

As well as getting to meet their hero (and Liv’s nemesis) Stormzy, the ITV2 cameras also followed them as they prepared for their first ever massive, live performance at the Ministry of Sound.

Sadly there are only two episodes, and it hasn’t been announced if Chris and Kem will be starring in any upcoming TV projects.


What they did recently tell is that the much-anticipated collaboration with Stormzy is now sadly on the back burner, and might not be happening at all now! We’re not sure the world was ready for that, anyway…

Chris & Kem: Straight Outta Love Island airs Sunday October 1 at 9pm and Monday October 2 at 9pm on ITV2.