Alex Kingston wants a River Song/Captain Jack Harkness episode in Doctor Who

If not their own full spin-off


In all their years on BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who, it’s hard to believe that popular characters Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and River Song (Alex Kingston) have never shared screentime.


Both time-travelling lotharios who love conning their way around the galaxy with a vortex manipulator, we can’t help but feel they’d do well in their own Doctor Who spin-off, or even just an episode where they finally meet – and now it turns out that River Song actor Alex Kingston feels the exact same way.

“I think it’d be great if she met with Captain Jack Harkness,” Kingston said at Edmonton Expo in Canada. “It’s funny because John and I, we talk about, we imagine, fantasise about all the possibilities.”

And with change afoot in the Whoniverse, Kingston thinks River and Jack’s time is now – even if it is just for a guest storyline.

“Certainly I think that now Chris Chibnall is showrunning, it would kind of be fantastic,” Kingston said.

“Not necessarily a spin-off show, but it kind of would be great if even the Doctor happened upon a bar in the universe where River and Captain Jack happened to be sitting, having a drink or something. I think it’d be cool!


Alex Kingston and John Barrowman at 2015’s Emerald City comic-con

“So, tweet about it,” she concluded, a call to action that we’re sure dedicated Who fans will take on.

However, Kingston said there could be just one snag – exiting series showrunner Steven Moffat, who created River for the Doctor Who role and has been the sole storyteller for her adventures since.

“Obviously Steven is no longer showrunning, but I think Steven is very attached to the character of River,” she said. “I mean he killed her off right at the beginning, but I think it was sort of not easy him to necessarily completely let her go.

“Hence I think the reason why one night in Darillium is 25 years. I mean, we’re not even past breakfast yet.

“Steven wouldn’t let anyone else write for my character. So it’s whether he now graciously releases River into the hands of other writers. It’d be nice if he did! So we’ll see.”

Fingers crossed Mr Moffat will finally cut the apron strings and let the River/Jack spin-off episode (or series) come to fruition. The world of Doctor Who NEEDS this to happen.


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