Emmerdale: Gabby to bring Emma down following shock video discovery?

Will the pair go head to head following tonight's tense double bill?

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Emmerdale’s Gabby has vowed to teach Emma a lesson after finally getting hold of an incriminatory video that shows the bonkers Barton matriarch bullying an ailing Ashley.


Tonight’s double bill saw Gabby sneak into Dale View and retrieve a necklace that Emma had recently taken, only to also stumble across a memory card that was believed to have been destroyed.

After taking both items, Gabby watched the footage in the company of her brother Arthur and finally saw for herself just how manipulative Emma had been with the village vicar.

Despite Arthur’s protestations that they steer clear of Emma while Laurel is away, Gabby seems determined to tackle the situation head on. But is she only set to put herself in grave danger by provoking Emma?

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After all, Emma has been known to lash out when confronted, despite her protestations that she’s now letting God lead the way when it comes to her own decision-making.

So with the one-year anniversary of James’s death fast approaching, might Emma end up marking the occasion by bumping Gabby of too? Or will her wicked crimes finally be exposed?

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