Great British Bake Off viewers agree that Paul Hollywood is giving out too many handshakes

The male judge doled out three handshakes in Pudding Week and fans can't understand why

Paul Hollywood Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off’s Pudding Week saw judge Paul Hollywood handing out three of his coveted handshakes.

Advertisement wondered whether the male judge’s signature move was losing its value – and the answer is a resounding yes.

The majority of viewers polled thought that Paul’s decision to shake the hands of not one, not two, but THREE bakers was just a bit too much.

In the space of five minutes, Yan, Steven and Stacey all had their hands grasped and firmly pumped up and down.

“Three handshakes. That’s a personal best for you,” said Noel Fielding.

But fans definitely didn’t think that was necessarily a good thing.

They just couldn’t understand why Hollywood was being so generous.

Some even said it was beginning to make them feel ill.

While others questioned if he was a baker or a salesman.

Careful Paul, or that handshake of yours could end up as fodder for yet another Brexit joke…


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