Coronation Street: Aidan dumps Eva after she admits factory revenge plot – here’s what happens next

The honeymoon is over as Underworld is forced to close, but will Eva expose Adam?


Coronation Street’s Connor clan are in crisis after Aidan dumped Eva upon discovering the true extent of her revenge plan and Johnny turned his back on his son for putting Underworld out of business by betraying Ms Price in the first place. Where do the feuding family go from here?


Following Wednesday’s eventful double Connor wedding, when only one of the couples managed to tie the knot (and which officially launched Corrie’s sixth regular weekly episode), Aidan and Eva had agreed to start afresh after his affair with Maria Connor and her fake pregnancy was exposed at the altar – while back on the cobbles vengeful Adam Barlow executed his and Eva’s master plan of stripping the factory bare and destroying Underworld.


Tonight as the factory was forced to remain shut and the investigation into the robbery began, the family realised it must’ve been an inside job – and the trail quickly led back to Eva.


Raging at his girlfriend as she tearfully admitted to being behind the sabotage, angry Aidan ended their relationship for good, and was later rejected by dad Johnny for causing this whole sorry mess with his infidelity.

Meanwhile, Eva confronted Adam, who she thought had agreed to scrap their plan of fleecing the family only for him to go ahead with it. Despite the lovesick Barlow bloke telling Eva he’d done it all for her as he thought she deserved better than Aidan, the beleaguered blonde made it clear she wanted nothing to do with her former partner-in-crime – refusing to be paid off to keep quiet and threatening that if she does go down for this, then she’ll be taking him with her…


Next week, the factory workers are up in arms at the loss of their jobs and accusations fly around the street as Johnny wonders whether he should save the business or call it a day – what will new wife Jenny have to say about that, seeing as she was so keen on running Underworld herself?

Aidan becomes public enemy number one, but what does the future hold for the factory? And will Adam’s involvement with its destruction be revealed?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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