EastEnders: who is Kathy Beale’s mystery man that was spying on her tonight?

A face from the past is hanging around Walford... Is it one of this lot?

EastEnders Kathy Beale

EastEnders have teased an old face from Kathy Beale’s past could be set to make a reapperance.


In tonight’s episode, Kathy was comforting son Ian over Steven’s tragic death and Bobby’s spell in prison for murdering Lucy, when all of a sudden some shaky point of view camerawork suggested somebody was spying on them from the shadows.

As Kathy and Ian walked away from the wreckage of Beale’s restaurant, a mysterious figure dressed in a suit (we only saw him from the neck down) sneaked over to put some flowers with the numerous wreaths already laid out in memory of Steven – and a close up of the card read ‘Kathy, thinking of you always, an old friend…’

So who is this ‘old friend’? As one of EastEnders’ original characters Kathy has a 32-year history with the show (apart from those nine years she was meant to be dead), so there’s quite few faces from the past to choose from.

How long before we discover the identity of Kathy’s mystery man? EastEnders is staying tight-lipped, but fans definitely won’t want to miss Friday’s episode…

In the meantime, here are eight possibilities of who might be looking to reconnect with Kaff…


Grant Mitchell

Their passionate affair during her marriage to Phil tore the Mitchell brothers apart, and her longing look in his direction when he popped back to the Square last year when Peggy was dying implied there was definitely unfinished business with grunting Grant.


Gavin Sullivan

Gruesome Gav forced wife Kathy to pretend to be dead for almost a decade (for tax reasons? To be honest it was never exactly clear), and when she escaped his clutches and returned from the dead back to her old life in Walford he followed her and ended up caught by the cops. What if her creepy ex has escaped from prison?


Pete Beale

Ian’s dad died in a car crash in 1993, some years after separating from Kathy. But we never saw the crash on screen, it was just reported back to the family… Sound familiar? What if Pete pulled a ‘Kathy’ and faked his death just like he did?


Buster Briggs

Her secret fling with Shirley’s ex was never discovered, and they almost ran off into the sunset together until Kathy decided she couldn’t walk out on her family again and Buster left alone. Has the fish-monger come back to beg for another chance? Or just to see if his old market pitch is available?


James Wilmott-Brown

One of Kathy’s most iconic and hard-hitting storylines was her rape ordeal at the hands of evil yuppie Wilmott-Brown in the early days of the show. Last we heard he was doing time for sexual assault on another woman, but that was back in 1994.


Alex Healy

Handsome vicar Alex had a divine dalliance with Kathy in the 90s and begged her to stay when she moved to South Africa (and we all know how that ended – she should’ve listened to the man of the cloth). Heartbroken, Al went to work on a mission in Somalia – but who’s to say he hasn’t taken Steven’s death as a sign from the man upstairs to try and reginite his old flame?


Ted Murray

It’s been established they were neighbours in ‘the towers’ back in the day, could Ted have had a crush on Kathy since he clocked her dragging Pete’s potatoes up the stairwell when the family ran the fruit and veg stall? Is a dangerous obsession with the former knitting queen of Walford another of Mr Murray’s dark secrets?


Max Branning

Everything else in EastEnders seems to link back to Max Branning and his Machiavellian manipulations, so what if Kathy is somehow connected to his wicked Weyland plot? Or they’ve been having a clandestine affair for months? Whoever laid those flowers is a natty dresser, just like the always suited and booted Mr Branning (you never see him in a tracksuit, do you?).

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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