EastEnders: Fi and Josh’s relationship is finally explained

But what's the big family occasion that's being planned?


EastEnders have finally confirmed the nature of Fi Browning’s connection to Josh Hemmings – as suspected, the pair are brother and sister. But there’s more mystery teased for the siblings…


Speculation has been rife among fans since the blonde businesswoman made an emotional phone call to the slick Weyland worker and begged to see him, the first sign that the two characters had any links whatsoever.

Suspicion that they were siblings seemed to be the most popular theory after Fi opened up to Mick Carter about her mother’s tragic suicide and spoke of a younger brother.


In tonight’s episode they ran into each other in the cafe, and Josh asked Fi for some support from his “big sister” when he explained ex-employee Lauren Branning had asked her to Steven Beale’s funeral the next day.

While the pair seemed close, there was a flicker of conflict when Josh implied he’d have to cancel their pre-arranged plans as they clashed with the funeral, to which jittery Fi said: “It’s too late to change… Everything’s in hand – Dad’s really looking forward to it…”


Fi lied to Mick about her dad being dead, when we know he’s still alive because we’ve seen her make phone calls to him (unless she’s phoning the afterlife). But why did she lie in the first place? Why do her and Josh seem to want their family connection kept quiet? And why is the family occasion planned for tomorrow so important?

Maybe we’ll find out on Friday…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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