Emmerdale: Paddy and Marlon go to war over a woman – Dominic Brunt reveals all

Will soap's biggest bromance be wrecked by romantic rivalry?


Having found themselves single again at the same time, Emmerdale double act Paddy Kirk and Marlon Dingle decide to get back out there next week and download a dating app in the hope of getting some amorous action. But the search for a new love interest soon descends into a bitter rivalry between the competitive pair, leading to embarrassing situations all round…


“They download the same dating app and Paddy feels quite optimistic at first,” says Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy. “But when Marlon tells Paddy he’s had 15 ‘swipes’, or whatever it is, Paddy gets jealous because he hasn’t had any. He makes out to Marlon he’s also had 15 people interested but it’s a lie. It’s quite tragic really, they’re raging with jealousy towards each other!”


With his heart in the right place, Marlon attempts to set his lonely pal up with Bernice White – which backfires spectacularly as Paddy ends up feeling pitied…

“It’s a disaster,” continues Brunt. “Neither Paddy or Bernice realise they’re being set up for a date, but it does make for a pretty entertaining scene! Sam Giles is great and her comedy timing is incredible so that was lots of fun to do.”

After the bungle with Bernice the battle lines are drawn between Paddy and Marlon as they enter into a game of oneupmanship to bag a date for the next day. But when the attractive Lindsey turns up in the Woolpack for a drink with Marlon, poor Paddy is left feeling even more deflated.

“Paddy is hoping there’s something wrong with her but she’s perfect! But then Marlon ends up letting her down, so Paddy thinks he might as well step in himself…”


With no qualms about breaking the guy code, the vengeful vet decides to get his own back for being mocked by Marlon and arranges a date with Lindsey. However, their little liaison doesn’t quite go to plan either…

“Paddy feels justified in going after Lindsey and rubbing Marlon’s face in it as he was so mean to him, but she doesn’t realise she’s caught in the middle of this ridiculous competition between competitive friends! Eventually karma catches up with Paddy and there are consequences.”

Fans needn’t worry about the village bromance being under threat, as Brunt reassures us: “It won’t have a long-term effect on Paddy and Marlon’s friendship, though. It won’t break them – it’s just a bit of fun!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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