EastEnders: Stacey clashes with Carmel in furious meltdown!

The pair lock horns in scenes to be shown next week


Stressed-out Stacey will have an angry confrontation with Carmel in next week’s EastEnders as fears over the health of young Arthur grow.


With Stacey worried that her son may have inherited Brugada syndrome, she’s understandably in a state of high anxiety about Arthur’s welfare.

Upcoming scenes see Whitney and Woody step in to help, only to get more than they bargained for when Stacey panics about their whereabouts and tells them not to take the children again without letting her know.

Later on, when Carmel calls round to check on Arthur, a row ensues as the gobby granny oversteps the line and hits a nerve with Stacey, unleashing the Fowler fury!


Cue Stacey dragging Carmel out of the house – just as Martin returns home from prison to witness the commotion!

Understanding that his wife is on edge, Martin does his best to offer support and try to keep Stacey calm ahead of Arthur’s appointment at the hospital.

But Martin and Stacey’s world looks set to be rocked when doctors eventually reveal that the youngster is at high risk of getting Brugada syndrome.


In the light of the diagnosis, Martin frets about Stacey’s mental health and her increasingly fraught state of mind.

Confiding in Michelle, he admits he’s worried that having the new baby might be a mistake. But just as he’s voicing his concerns, in walks Stacey…

As Martin does his best to get through to her, a livid Stacey implies that he doesn’t want a baby at all, before suggesting that he leaves!

So is this it for the Fowlers’ marriage or can they find a way to work through this latest crisis?


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