Neighbours: Amy gets crushed by a falling engine – but who’s to blame?

A terrifying incident at the garage leaves Amy's life in danger, and it's no accident...


Neighbours’ Amy Williams has a brush with death next week when she’s trapped beneath an engine after an incident at the garage – unaware that Tyler Brennan’s estranged dad Hamish Roche was behind it.


Needing to escape the country to avoid a huge tax bill, Hamish is trying to get Tyler to leave town and take a trip on the boat he inherited from Russell and attempts to get his son the sack from the garage so he’ll have no reason to stick around. Indulging in a spot of sabotage to make Tyler look like his mind is not on the job, Hamish tinkers with an engine but is caught in the act by Piper Willis and has to make a quick getaway – leaving a heavy engine perilously suspended by a faulty jack.


The following day, Aaron comes to the garage to take over his brother’s shift and tries to lower the engine – only for it come crashing down onto Amy’s legs when the jack breaks.


Terrified as she’s caught, heroic Aaron manages to free his friend and Amy is rushed to hospital. Mortified Tyler blames himself and opens up to Hamish, who is wracked with guilt that his efforts to make Tyler unemployed have put a life in danger.


Panicking when Ty plans to sell the boat to compensate Amy financially so she won’t have to pull out of investing in the wellness centre, Hamish worries his plan to skip Australia is doomed so he offers to make a massive donation to the centre. Tyler and Amy are taken aback by the generous gesture but don’t realise Hamish just wants to stop the boat being sold and has no intention of ever handing over the money…

How far will Hamish go to ensure his plan is put into action? And how bad are Amy’s injuries?


Neighbours airs these scenes on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 September on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.