Hollyoaks: meet Glenn Donovan – Adam and Jesse’s long-lost dad

Daddy Donovan also has a past with Darcy Wilde...


Hollyoaks’ Donovan brothers will be reunited with estranged dad Glenn this autumn when he arrives in the village, bringing a bundle of secrets from the family’s past.


Fans have already seen Glenn on screen after a brief appearance earlier this summer as the unnamed ‘mystery man’ associated with son Adam’s ex-girlfriend Darcy Wilde. When the bitchy blonde called Glenn to get her out of trouble, he made it quite clear she was never to contact him again, so there’s obviously no love lost between these two.

Glenn Donovan

But what exactly is the nature of their relationship? Is Glenn another member of the Donovan clan who wants Darcy dealt with? Or is there an as-yet-unmentioned secret between him and the Wilde woman that could be exposed once he reappears in his sons’ lives?

Glenn was previously married to unstable Tracey, and the couple had three sons: Adam, Liam and Jesse, but Glenn rejected Tracey’s daughters, Grace and Claire, from her previous marriage to gangster Fraser Black. Glenn’s cheating eventually wrecked his and Tracey’s romance, and he’s not exactly been the most consistent father figure for the family…


The role will be played by Neil Roberts, who’s no stranger to soaps having appeared in Emmerdale last year as DS Jason Wise, the policeman investigating the historic claims of sexual abuse made by Aaron Dingle towards his father Gordon Livesy, and in Coronation Street back in 2011 as Frank Foster’s business associate Mike Leydon.

Roberts has also worked on a number of US shows including Charmed and Beverley Hills, 90210.

Speaking about joining Hollyoaks, the actor said: “I am thrilled to be part of the cast, not only because it’s such an established show but also because my own children are huge fans. There is a great mix of professionalism but with a lot of fun here – and I can finally tweet who I am actually playing and tell my family!”

Glenn’s identity was confirmed in today’s epic autumn trailer, which you can watch below. The character will make his next appearance at the beginning of October.


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.