Emmerdale: Ryan Hawley on tonight’s twist – “Robert puts Liv in danger”

Robert's actions lead to a dramatic hospital dash for Aaron's kid sister


Robert Sugden’s plan to take over Home Farm has potentially tragic consequences in tonight’s Emmerdale when he drugs Liv Flaherty by mistake, endangering the life ex-lover Aaron Dingle’s little sister.


Livid Liv marches up to the big house and rails at Rob for getting Rebecca White pregnant while Aaron was in prison. Confronting the expectant parents, Liv doesn’t pull any punches.

“Robert is put in an awkward position between the mother of his unborn child and the sister of his former lover,” says Ryan Hawley, who plays the sinister Mr Sugden. “Robert feels horrible for betraying Aaron, and also Liv who was part of their family unit. To have all that thrown in his face by angry Liv is horrible.”

But Liv’s badmouthing of rotten Rob threatens to expose and derail the takeover plot, as Hawley explains: “What Liv says about him is incriminating and could make Rebecca start asking questions, so tactically Liv’s presence is not the best thing to happen for Robert.”


Events take a dramatic turn when Liv helps herself to Lawrence White’s special bottle of Armagnac – which viewers will know has been drugged by Robert as part of his plan to incapacitate the patriarch in order to put him out of the picture – the next time we see Liv, she’s unconscious in a ditch when she’s found by a panicked Robert.

“He feels awful and incredibly guilty,” teases Hawley. “His actions have indirectly caused an innocent young girl to collapse. She’s rushed to hospital and it’s not looking good…”

Aaron dashes to the scene and when he hears the doctor discussing the fact there was diazepam in the booze with Robert, he realises his ex has put his sister in deadly danger. “When diazepam is mentioned Aaron puts two and two together, having previously seen Robert with the drug in the portakabin. Robert is responsible for the critical condition Liv is in and Aaron loses it.”


It’s another nail in the coffin for the Robron romance, as Hawley observes: “Aaron’s attitude towards Robert is another stab in the heart, and a reminder that the way things are between them is not the way either of them would like it to be.”

Liv’s fight for life begins a dramatic week for Robert as his scheming gets out of hand – will Liv pay the price with her life?

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