Emmerdale: Liv collapses after being poisoned by Robert – what happens next?

Will she survive after her dramatic collapse?


Emmerdale’s Liv Flaherty is fighting for her life in hospital after being poisoned by Robert Sugden – so if she doesn’t survive, it will be all his fault…


The diazepam in the drink she stole from Home Farm was put there by rotten Rob as part of his ploy to poison White patriarch Lawrence and usurp him as head of the empire.

Liv had stormed up to Home Farm to tear a strip off her brother’s cheating ex-boyfriend for getting Rebecca White up the duff. As she was thrown out for stirring it by telling Rebecca her baby daddy hated the idea of parenthood she nabbed a bottle of Larry’s favourite Armagnac from the drinks tray – unaware it was laced with drugs – along with the keys to Robert’s car.


Realising his motor was missing, Robert realised Liv must’ve been responsible so went searching for the cheeky teen – and was horrified to find her collapsed in a ditch on the side of the road having downed the brandy.


As Aaron arrived at the hospital Robert was forced to reveal Liv had taken diazepam – and that he was indirectly responsible, as the drugged booze she necked was intended for Lawrence. Aaron unleashed an aggressive tirade at his former lover and vowed to ‘end him’ if anything happened to his little sister…


Tonight’s cliffhanger kicks off a week of high drama for Robert, as he fears he could be implicated in Liv’s collapse and Lawrence’s poisoning if his spiking of the brandy is revealed.

Ex-stepson Lachlan grows suspicious of Rob’s antics and wonders if he tampered with his granddad’s blood samples when doctors come to Home Farm to take more tests.

And Robert decides to progress his plans for Lawrence by pretending to bond with his former father-in-law after he gets a heartbreaking letter of rejection from old flame Ronnie Hale – but is everything really as it seems?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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