Emmerdale: Debbie sleeps with newcomer Tom as sexy plot takes a dark twist

Is Emmerdale going all 50 Shades/Indecent Proposal on us?


Debbie Dingle and new client Tom Waterhouse mixed business with pleasure in tonight’s Emmerdale as a meeting ended in his hotel bedroom, with the couple sleeping together as her sneaky attempt at stealing from him backfired.


Planning to distract the wealthy Mr Waterhouse in the bar while Ross Barton robbed his swanky suite with the intention of swiping his collection of expensive watches, devious Deb’s scheme took a saucy twist when Tom spilt a drink on his shirt and he led Ms Dingle up to his room to change.

While Debbie managed to get Ross out without being detected (or so she thought), cocky Tom laid it on the line that he’d only arranged to meet Debbie as he was desperate to see her again.


With the sexual tension simmering, ice maiden Deb couldn’t resist the enigmatic entrepreneur’s charms despite his arrogance, and the pair got down and dirty right there in the hotel room.

But during a post-coital discussion (they were done by the end of the ad break) it emerged that Tom was on to Debbie’s ploy to fleece him, and she was forced to confess the truth about how she wanted to get the upper hand on the rich rogue after yesterday’s encounter when he nixed a potential deal and deliberately humiliated her.

The lusty liaison took a dark turn when Tom cheekily offered her £1000 in cash for ‘loss of earnings’ from their botched business arrangement – much to Debbie’s disgust, who promptly told Tom to drop dead before walking out.


Collecting Ross from the lobby the pair scarpered, with Tom’s butler Graham Foster creepily observing them from the shadows.

Back in the village, Ross contemplated their lucky escape and questioned if Deb had done the deed with the minted man, which she strenuously denied as she appeared to regret her moment of saucy madness with the minted magnate. Or did she?

On her way home, Debbie was taken aback when Tom’s car pulled up beside her. Asking for another chance to prove to Deb that she’d got him all wrong and explore their intriguing connection, Tom was clearly smitten – but the power play between the pair got interesting as he hinted if Debbie didn’t want a repeat performance of their afternoon delight in the penthouse, he had enough blackmail material on her.


Leaving the ball in her court and giving her his card (very Christian Grey), with the flirty promise they could get into all sorts of trouble together if she was up for it, Tom drove off – leaving Debbie in a dilemma.

Clearly there’s an attraction here, but we’re getting a dark and twisted vibe that this storyline is about to turn into a mixture of 50 Shades of Grey and Indecent Proposal. Debbie is desperate for cash to fund her daughter Sarah’s medical treatment, could she be tempted to sleep with Tom in return for financial security for her family? Mr Waterhouse’s wooing strategy is already bordering on obsession, could she be in danger? We still know very little about him, or Graham who gets more sinister every time we see him.

Next week, Debbie decides to meet with Tom again – but their lunch date doesn’t exactly go to plan.

Does this mean she’s taken him up on his offer of ‘getting into trouble’? Will she live to regret it? And just how saucy can a pre-watershed soap really get if we’re getting into 50 Shades territory?!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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