Neighbours: Paige and Elly fight for Mark – but who will win?

Both ladies declare their feelings for the hunky cop next week. Awkward...


The battle is on for buff Mark Brennan’s heart in Neighbours next week, but is he destined to be with new squeeze Elly Conway or old flame Paige Smith?


Feeling insecure about her fledging romance with the cute cop, paranoid Elly confides in pal Paige but is unaware Ms Smith still has feelings for her ex, and that she was the ‘mystery admirer’ who penned the recently discovered letter declaring their feelings for Mark and not Steph Scully, who Elly originally accused.


When Elly learns Paige was behind the emotional note she worries she has a rival for Mark’s affections and confronts Ms Smith, who insists she was never going to act on her feelings. Fearing she can’t compete with their history, Elly tells Paige she’s welcome to go after Mark – but if she does, the friendship between the girls is over…


As both ladies turn separately to the Tanaka brothers to discuss their next move, David tells Paige to go for it – at the same time Leo urges Elly fight for her man after she cancels their date on tourist attraction the Melbourne Star (an Aussie London Eye). So as Mark decides to go it alone on the date (a shame to waste the tickets..), unsure as to why Elly nixed their plans, Paige rushes to finally confess her feelings – at the same time as Elly!


Catching Mark’s eye, Paige panics and dives into one of the cabins when Elly turns up and intercepts him. Forced to watch as the pair enjoy a ride in the neighbouring pod and discuss getting back on track, it looks like Paige has missed her chance.

And it’s a double bombshell for Ms Smith when Elly later reveals not only is she back on with Mr Brennan, but she feels the girls can’t move on from this – their friendship is finished…


Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.