Home and Away: Robbo has a secret connection to Kat – but what is it?

The cop makes an alarming discovery about the mysterious thug next week


The mystery surrounding Home and Away newcomer Robbo deepens next week when copper Kat Chapman does some digging and discovers there could be a link between them – has he come to Summer Bay to find her? And does he even have amnesia?


As she searches through the police database in the hope of triggering Robbo’s memory, Kat is determined to get to the bottom of how the fella came to be washed up in an old cove off the Bay with no recollection of who he was or how he got there.


Going out of her way to help another alpha male isn’t going down too well with Kat’s boyfriend Ash, plunging the couple further into crisis as her jealousy of his friendship with Dr Tori Morgan also intensifies. A fight breaks out between Ash and Robbo, with Mr Ashford confiding in pal Scarlett Snow he’s convinced his rival is not to be trusted and that Kat could be in danger.

Scarlett agrees and goes with Kat to the shore where Robbo was washed up to look for any clues they might have missed about his past – and Kat is chilled when she finds a picture of her in her police uniform. Clearly Robbo had this on him before he woke up…


Questioning if Robbo could be faking his amnesia, Kat demands he take a lie detector test and confronts him with the picture.


But the test proves Robbo’s story checks out, and he has no idea why he would have a photograph of Kat. After a tense interrogation at the police station, Robbo calms down and later thanks Kat for trying to help him. Assuring her he understands why she’s concerned but insisting he’s not a threat, Robbo appears genuine – but can Kat really trust him?

Accepting Robbo’s words, Kat decides to back off from the investigation – and their friendship – and realises she’s been taking out her frustration with trying to resolve the Robbo mystery on Ash. Apologising to her other half, Kat pleads forgiveness and promises to focus on their rocky romance.

But with Ash’s feelings for Tori still unresolved, and Robbo’s identity still a secret, what does the future hold for Kat?


Home and Away continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.