Coronation Street: Gary reveals disturbing secret to Nicola – what happens next?

This isn't the last we'll see of Gary and Nicola together!


A traumatised Gary Windass unburdened himself on tonight’s Coronation Street, confiding his troubles in Nicola Rubinstein.


After the pair met by chance in a bar, Gary ended up revealing that his work in the Ukraine had put him in grave danger.

While working as part of the protection detail for a wealthy family, Gary’s life was put at risk when terrorists tried to snatch his employers’ daughter.

Gary explained that when the potential abductor pulled a knife, he retaliated by holding a gun to his opponent’s neck – and came very close to pulling the trigger.


The incident has left Gary shaken and loathe to return to Ukraine. But with son Jake in need of private speech therapy, Gary feels he has no choice but to go back – despite Nicola’s advice that he should be seeking professional help.

Gary appeared grateful to Nicola for being a good listener. But a fresh twist came later in the episode when – back on the Street – Gary made the discovery that Nicola is actually the daughter of Pat Phelan.

With villainous Pat having made the life of Gary’s mum Anna a misery, it’s no surprise that he was quick to tell her to steer clear – and to forget that they’d ever spoken.

However, it seems that Gary and Nicola are set to cross paths again in the near future. Recent press reports revealed that the pair will have a one-night stand that will leave Nicola pregnant!

Speaking recently to, show boss Kate Oates commented that Nicola’s subsequent plan to have an abortion won’t go down well with dad Pat.

Said the producer: “There’s a really interesting storyline coming up that sees Phelan’s daughter Nicola consider having an abortion after finding out that she’s pregnant.

“And Phelan is dead against it – for him, it’s morally awful. So I find it fascinating that his conscience is this infinitely flexible instrument.”

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