ITV’s Liar wins viewing figures battle against new BBC1 drama Rellik

The rival crime dramas went head-to-head on the BBC and ITV, and one pulled in significantly more viewers

Rellik Liar BBC ITV

If there wasn’t enough drama on-screen in Rellik and Liar, the overnight ratings have added even more tension and suspense.


ITV came out the clear winner with Liar pulling in 4.86 million viewers against the BBC’s Rellik, which attracted 3.6 million viewers.

Liar was watched by another 450,000 on ITV+1.
The decision for which brand new drama to watch was made all the more difficult because both were from the same production company and the same writers – The Missing creators Harry and Jack Williams.

According to the majority of readers, ITV’s Liar starring Joanne Froggat and Ioan Gruffudd proved the more gripping, enjoyable and understandable of the two.


Rellik by contrast, a story of a serial killer told in reverse starring Richard Dormer and Jodi Balfour, proved a little trickier for viewers to get to grips with.