Emmerdale: Robert comforts heartbroken Lawrence – but what’s really going on?

Have the pair decided to bury the hatchet? What do you think?


Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden goes from trying to kill nemesis Lawrence White to comforting him after some upsetting news from his ex. But can we really believe the manipulative Mr Sugden has turned over a new leaf to bond with the man he’s been poisoning?


Rebecca remains concerned for her father’s welfare following his recent health scare and insists he consider getting an investor to help him run the business, but stubborn Lawrence is determined to carry on as normal.


When a letter arrives from Ronnie Hale sent from Brussels, Larry’s hopes are raised – after their relationship ended so spectacularly, has Ron reconsidered and written to Mr White to reignite their romance?

Sadly the contents of the letter are not exactly what Lawrence wanted to hear, so he drowns his sorrows. Worrying even more about her dad following Ronnie’s correspondence, Rebecca doesn’t want to leave him alone while she goes out to meet the potential investor – but who should offer to keep an eye on Larry but Robert…


Wanting to repay Rebecca’s kindness after her support during Aaron Dingle’s sister Liv Flaherty’s fight for life in hospital, Robert and Lawrence surprisingly end up bonding as the heartbroken Home Farm patriarch hits the bottle again and his former son-in-law listens to his woes.

But this is Robert we’re talking about – there’s bound to be more than this than meets the eye. We’ve a sneaky feeling Lawrence is hitting the bottle that Robert has secretly filled with diazepam…

Meanwhile, Lachlan is suspicious of Robert’s nice guy act around the Whites, and when doctors reveal there was a mix-up with his grandfather’s previous blood test results Lucky wonders whether they were tampered with.

Viewers saw Robert switch the samples, and spin a sob story to Emma Barton when she caught him to cover his tracks, but could Lachlan soon expose the truth? And when Robert takes his plan further later next week, is Lawrence in even more danger – or could there be another unforeseen twist in store?


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